The only outdoor recreational store in the White Lake Area.

Our Location

Located next to Dog-N-Suds in Montague, our location gives us an opportunity to utilize White Lake and The White River to its utmost potential and opens up endless possibilities for any weather condition. With the unique offerings accessible from our doorstep, you will be hard pressed to find another establishment with so many amenities available. From bikes to boats, sun shine to champagne, you can experience many of White Lakes attractions as you peddle or paddle around the area. Stop in and see what you can experience with WaterDog Outfitters.

Our Prices

We know the economy is a little tough. Gas seems to take a greater chunk of your paycheck then your mortgage does which is why we offer so much for so little. We want you to enjoy your stay in the White Lake Area and by making the cost of entertainment more reasonable, you will in turn come visit us more. It’s a win – win for all.

From Boat to Bike

Taking your explorations to the streets, our beach cruiser line of bikes allow you to take a more personal look at the towns of Whitehall and Montague. The Hart Montague Rail Trail rolls next to our location giving you full access to miles of paved and maintained bike trails and access to some of the best ice cream shops in West Michigan including Twisters in Montague and Country Dairy in Rothbury.


You would not think that a kayak/bike rental establishment could offer many amenities other then the rental itself. On the contrary, WaterDog Outfitters offers the opportunity to dine at some of our best establishments that are just a paddle or peddle away. White Lake has three restaurants that rest on it’s banks and are accessible via car, bike and kayak. This gives you more time to play without the necessity of packing and toting around a cooler of food, making your day more enjoyable with less worry.

Come for a Visit

Planning a trip to the White Lake area? Book a bike, board, or boat with us then check out the Chamber’s website for a full listing of fun activities the White Lake Area has to offer. The history of White Lake is long and rich. From recreation to travel, White Lake has long been a destination for many outside our great state. Lets continue making history, making memories and making the great White Lake Area a destination for years to come.

Renting a Cottage

While staying in the White Lake area, it is always nice to take advantage of all there is available. With access to some of the best sunsets in the state, miles of waterfront views and access directly to the river, why not have a couple kayaks or paddle boards available for your use. We rent them both  by the day or week and can deliver and pick up at your request. We simply ask for a little notification to ensure we can deliver. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Find a Place to Stay

4464 Dowling St. Montague, Mi. 49437  ~  231-740-5673