Jamis Bikes

Jamis Bikes

Blame it on the economy and the accompanying back to basics mentality. Or praise public awareness of green issues and the value of low-impact lifestyles. But all of a sudden bicycles are a Very Big Deal. Everyday people--folks who haven’t been on a bicycle in years, if not decades--have suddenly rediscovered the thrill of cycling. For them, passionate cyclists who strive daily to deliver products that get people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations to love bikes and biking just as much as they do, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The bicycle is a marvelous invention, with an impact that is almost completely, one hundred percent positive. For individuals (exercise!) as well as for the environment (reduced carbon footprint). A bike is one of the world’s most powerful instruments for change. We know because cycling forever changed our lives, and we’ve seen it change the lives of so many others. That’s why we want to make cycling converts out of everyone, and that’s why there’s a Jamis for nearly every cycling arena, for almost any rider.

Bike Rental Rates

Bikes (Single)

  • $15 for 2 hours
  • $20 for 4 hours
  • $25 for full day
  • $100 for a week

Bikes (Tandem)

Limited number available
  • $20 for 2 hours
  • $25 for 4 hours
  • $30 for full day
  • $125 for a week