Bonafide Kayak

Bonafied Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks is fairly new with officially announcing the brand late in 2016. The team assembled is amongst the most talented and experienced in the paddlesports industry and they are setting our goals high. Their plans are big but their strategy is simple: “We will do everything we can to produce the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed, and most carefully engineered fishing kayaks possible”. Commitments to manufacturing in the USA, creating jobs, and unparalleled customer service are among their primary objectives.

“At Bonafide we are listening, and we will put the end-user first in our designs. We will question conventional thinking, and we will bring forward concepts and products that answer those needs. What we’re doing here at Bonafide is a scientific approach to development. We are allowing data and quantitative measurements to drive our designs and will provide kayaks that are precisely engineered to meet the needs of today’s kayak anglers.”